Monday, October 4, 2010

The Big Move... delayed

Well, I was hoping to start off this new blog with news that I was finally moved into my new studio and working away like a little elf, chipmunk, you name it. Alas, things move sloooooowly and we still have to put up shelves to get stuff off the floor and off the porch. And unfortunately for me, I'm one of those people that gets cold hands and feet when the temps drop below 75°F. Currently, today in Estill County, it's in the 40's. I am not a happy camper. When my hands get cold, I cease to work and spend most of my time leaning on a heater. In fact, I used to do work in my kitchen with a roaring fire going in the wood stove until it was hot enough that I was in a t-shirt!

In this new space, the area will be insulated and caulked and I will have a large kerosene heater which should warm up the space nicely. In theory. Eventually. Once I get going. In the mean time, I have tried doing more sketches but I'm about sketched out and more anxious to work.

Good news is that there is a wood firing at a potter friend of mine next week so even if I don't have any pieces to put in there (not as big a fan of the wood fire effect on my work right now), I will be participating and that's always a fun thing!

So, inaugural post. I will try and get some scans of sketches up and an updated image of the studio at some point. Mazel Tov and Namaste, y'all.

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  1. Okay, first things need gloves! Secondly, Kerosene heaters = Bad Art. Just ask Triad who worked tirelessly, engulfed by kerosene fumes, intoxicated by the smell to the point of writing lyrics like "lavender blue lace reminds me of your face." Okay? you get my drift? Plus they are unhealthy!This is what you need: it's's cheaper, has more BTU's and you won't die of fumes..It gets mounted onto the wall and you keep a small propane tank outside. There are many models on their site, and you can go to other sites to do comparison shopping. Some of them work even without electricity. Like if your electric goes, the heater still works... if your space is small you can use their smaller models...