Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My studio, she's esploded!

My life, currently.
After putting my dog down, I gave myself the time and space to grieve and just let whatever happened, happen. Part stillness, part crying, part meditating, part distracting myself with silliness, part working and eventually I find I can reflect and find some calm space for myself. Most of my method has centered around getting back to work and immersing myself in my art again.
     And so, off to the studio and into the midst of the projects I put aside while I wrestled with the decision about Diva. Initially, I didn't concern myself with the mess or what I should have been doing first, I just sat down and worked on the thing in front of me and committed to completing it. When I was done with that piece, I moved onto the next one and finished that. Moved onto the next and finished that. And so on.* However, today I looked around my studio and realized I'd hit a messy fork in the road, a clog in the creative artery, a dip in the smooth ride. Projects piled on projects, glaze containers stacked on each other, kiln shelves ready to be used, greenware in one container, bisqueware in another but needing to be cleaned and dried, gourd badges half done, open notebooks with notes and sketches scattered, loose leaf paper with lists lying about (You know things are bad when loose leaf paper makes an appearance) and barely room to move. It's gotten so bad, in order to do anything, I have to move things around like those little tile finger games with the one square missing, just to make the space to work.
     This happens to me from time to time and the cacophony of stuff and ideas racing around saps my creative energy and can get me depressed to the point where I become unproductive and inefficient - at least as far as I'm concerned. With all the emotion surrounding Diva dying, no sense exacerbating things. There's happy chaos, which is just fine, and then there is chaos chaos=bad. So I'm taking a break until mid-July to clean, straighten, reorganize and prioritize what's going on in my creative corner. And then we're ready for the second half of the year!

*(hat tip to Vonnegut)

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