Thursday, December 29, 2011

Speaking of science

image: Mosex : blog Dedicated to the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality
Here's what I'm talking about. A link to a blog that explains the internal workings of the clitoris (h/t to Frances Figart for pointing me in the right direction). I'm confident some will see this as a jr. high school discussion complete with giggling retorts but to me, there is a larger point beyond the inevitable double entendres and that is the point about our own denial and ignorance about our actual selves. And, our collective inability to discuss it. How long have we avoided this kind of thing. And why?

Beyond the technical information about the actual complete clitoris, I'm fascinated by the form of it. No doubt, as Frances observed, it will find itself in my artwork. Looks rather science fiction-y, if you ask me. And now, does a wishbone shape become something other than what it is? Does it, too, need to be censored, covered up, banned? From now on, what do we really mean when we draw a wishbone shape?

Wicked shape.