Monday, July 9, 2012

Kiln Open Kiln Open

Door open!
      We opened the kiln today. First thoughts were the pots were a bit dry. We did not add salt this time. We're re-assessing the firing schedule. In the mean time, much wet sanding with be done here and there. But there is some nice stuff about :) I know Bill Lennox will be at the Berea Craft Festival at Historic Indian Fort Theatre this coming weekend. Check out Etsy for Buddy's work and my work in the next few weeks.
Tables of pots!
Inspector Buddy.
Bill Mugs
Horse Soap Dish
Table of fun. And a beer.
Buddy's awesome Shino whiskey cup.
Horse mug
Bowl with petroglyphs
Equine flashing.

1 comment:

  1. I want to know were that man in the picture purchased his overalls. He was standing next to the fetching brunette(imagination helps).
    Actually I love the wood fired pottery and am always amazed at the love and dedication to art that you potters exhibit. Your college hill road fan.