Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and wood firing

Ceramic Wood Fired Vase with Spiral Sun Carvings, $40
Red Cross Disaster Relief Efforts for Hurricane Sandy Victims
 UPDATE: Just sold! This vase will be making it's way to New Rochelle and $40 will be on it's way to the American Red Cross for relief efforts related to Hurricane Sandy. Thanks, Lorayne!    I have just designated 100% of the price of this vessel to be donated to the American Red Cross towards the relief efforts of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy up the Eastern Seaboard this past week. It is available on my Etsy Store.

     I participated in a wood firing earlier this week in Waco with my wacky pottery friends. Hurricane Sandy's effects were felt all the way in Eastern Kentucky as gusty winds. Those gusts pushed a lot of air through the firebox and fed the fire quite nicely, quite quickly. I ended up only having one shift as we reached temp by 9-9:30pm.
Guarding the kiln with Bea and Mia.
     Upon my return home, I was greeted by the havoc Sandy was wreaking in the Tri-State area of NY-NJ-CT, where my friends and family live. I spent 15 years in Manhattan and Brooklyn and know the subway system well. The images of the harbor rushing into the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel and the South Ferry entrance were shocking, to say the least. The damage to the Jersey Shore, NYC, the south shore of Long Island and the Connecticut shore of the Long Island Sound is just awful to look at. Fortunately, everyone I know of in NYC is just suffering power outages but the longer that goes on, the worse things will get so I'm hopeful that the power situation is taken care of soon. 
     To put things in perspective, right now, Hoboken is flooded and nearly 20,000 people are stuck with water surrounding their buildings, contaminated water, no power, no water. That's more people than the population of the entire county where I now live. And Hoboken is but a drop in the bucket of just how many people live in the Tri-State area. New York City and it's environs may have some very wealthy people and real estate in it but not everyone from there is part of the one percent so consider donating to the Red Cross. 

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