Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Peeking in the kiln

Top shelf.
     And later today, I will be filling the items below with plaster for molds. Yowzah.


  1. love the horses on that top piece and lots of interesting shapes and sizes for your plaster!

  2. what are you using for the moulds? are they gourds or something? great idea. could you use them as moulds directly too? i guess it would take longer for the clay to dry and shrink away ... i dig those horses too. like cave drawings!

  3. Georgia, yes, they are gourds from my farm. I have tried using the outside shell as a hump mold form but the hard shell and clay stick quite a bit and it does take forever to dry. This hump mold was made from the textured inside so I'm curious how the texture looks on a bowl in a wood firing!

    Thanks for the compliments!