Sunday, March 16, 2014


I'm afraid to write. Paralyzed. It's been a long time since I've posted anything. My winter has been, well, awful. Depressing. Troublesome, rage-filled, confusing, scattered. Cold. Problematic. As a result, my work, my pottery and my fine art has been spotty and progressed in fits and starts. So no snappy updates. I was talking to a wonderful friend today and she mentioned that her winter has also been depressing. I felt not so alone.

The season of cold drags on. My mood drags on with it. There have been so many factors influencing my energy this season, from about Thanksgiving onward, too numerous to count. From the little everyday aggravations to the bigger things like the plumbing problems from frozen pipes and the Medicaid bullshit that is still ongoing. 

But lately, like fine warm days that pop up in between the snow storms, I've been getting the urge to "do" something. Make something. Write something. And then I don't. But then I do. I can't wait for Spring.

My seasonal depression has paralyzed me. So here it is - messy post that means little, says little, does little. I'll add an image that is disconnected. And begin again.

I've fallen but I can get up.

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  1. oh dear, a very bad dose of SAD - may spring soon raise its head and your spirits too.