Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Enlighten: Jessica Armstrong

     This is an introduction to and heads-up about my friend and former classmate from EKU, Jessica Armstrong. It will be redundant to say Jessica is "a little out there" as frankly, all my art friends and associates are like that. Let's say that Jessica is energetic, physically expressive and has a great sense of humor. What she also has is a wicked vision of metal in jewelry. Currently, she's working on her MFA in metalsmithing at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. Not to be stopped, she also works in 2D in photography.

Here is a link to more images of her work. 

     Much of the work I was familiar with at EKU when were were in class under Felicia Szorad involved body wear and jewelry that was purposefully restrictive and uncomfortable. If you read her statement on the front page, it pretty much wraps up where she's coming from right now. After she gets out of school, she tells me she has plans for a blog to keep people updated on her work and possibly an Etsy site but right now, grad school is where she is focusing all her energy. Keep an eye out for her work in the coming years. Cheers to Jessica and continued great work in the future.

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