Monday, September 19, 2011


Buddha Cup, salt fired
     Well, a few pots did survive the Great Salt Fire Tragedy of 2011 and I've started posting some of them on Etsy starting with this Neolithic Horse Bowl and Buddha Cup. I added images of the kiln disaster to the EKU Ceramics Facebook group page. Potentially, more photos of the wickedness of the kiln gods will be added by others so feel free to join the group if you like to laugh at other's pain. Or commiserate. Or have a fetish for kiln disasters. Whatever floats your boat. EKU Ceramics also announces other kiln firings on their group site from time to time on that Facebook page as well.
Neolithic Horse Bowl, salt fired
     Other than that, I am slooowly grinding through my list of things to do and have made some progress on the sculptures that I am working on this year. getting my hands in clay means I don't do the internet/twitter/fb/socialmedia-look-at-me, look-at-me thing consistently but I know I'll be forgiven for this. After all, when I'm not blogging, more time for Glee, right? Or something like that. 
     I am having the most amazing time hormonally, riding the roller coaster that never ends. [Please make it end]. Working while "under the influence" is an exhilarating experience of contrasts, the meditative zen of carving or throwing with the total hormonal fits of rage at dropped tools, slumped clay or these days, shitty music on the radio. I don't know why that is but sometimes I'll suddenly realize when I'm working, "Hey! Wait a minute! I absolutely detest this music and if I keep listening to it, all my work will suck as a result!"Nice to know after I finish this peri-menopausal ride I have osteoarthritis to look forward to.
     I will update the sculpture progress soon but next time I will be posting a bit about a photographer who's work gets me all giddy.

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