Monday, September 5, 2011

Kiln Off

Awesome juice cup! Sippable or chuggable, your choice. Seriously, field-testing one at home and it rocks! Available on the Etsy shop for only $22. Great idea for upcoming gift ideas!
My kilnsitter just tripped on my recent glaze firing. I will be bringing the work inside plus other items from my online shop to the Richmond Pottery Festival this weekend at the grounds of the Irvinton House Museum, home of Richmond Kentucky Tourism. I'll also be demonstrating a coil pot that will eventually become another one of my sculptures. I hope the weather will have improved by then. We have the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee dumping rain on us now with no end in sight until Thursday. Set up is Friday. This ought to be fun. Well, compared to how dry it's been in the last of the summer weeks, it should make setting up tents easier.
     I'm not quite sure how I feel about the whole outdoor festival thing. I like the idea in concept but the reality of weather issues, set-up, take-down and hauling things around gives me some pause. Particularly at my age. I guess I'll opt for the local stuff for now and see how things go.
     The teapots coming out of this firing are prototypes. I've already decided upon glazing them this week that I'll be revisiting some of the designs and construction issues with new forms and multiple pots. With an upcoming anagama firing at EKU slated for this late fall, I may try and try some forms out for that firing. There is a salt firing that I'm participating in this weekend but no teapots in that one, just cups and pitchers.
     Time is moving differently for me these days. I think it's the menopause thing. I feel like I'm running faster and faster trying to keep up with... well, anything and everything and yet I feel like I'm not necessarily getting anywhere and I could use an extra few hours each day. Something is up with that.

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