Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sniffing glue.
This is my studio. This is my studio on crack. Oh, I'm just kidding. This is Kentucky. We don't do crack. Just meth. But seriously, I'm exploding the studio again. Moved from the gourd pins above to glazing for a firing that will take place, with any luck of mine, on the hottest day of the week because that's when you want to add copious amounts of heat, people. When it's 90-plus degrees and humid.

Pots for upcoming salt firing.
I am getting ready to help with a salt firing at EKU and will be adding some pots of mine to the kiln including the vase forms above (but not the sculpture behind it). Some of the posts will be more neolithic horse cups. Alas, they will not be done in time for the Richmond Pottery Festival that same weekend.

More pots, teapots, test tiles to glaze.
After this go-round of items, I have to get back on the sculpture work. I'd like to be producing more teapots and I will but if I don't get to some sculpture, I'll descend even further into peri-menopausal madness with no outlet and that's the kind of mix of circumstances that gets you on the news. Nothing wrong with functional work and I did promise myself to work on teapots for the next 2 years but sometimes functional work makes me want to throw it and smash it. Don't know why. I think it hearkens back to my punk days.

What's wrong with this work space? NO SCULPTURE YET!
Okay, I'm off. Today is a day of errand-running and food-eating. I have a lunch with clay people and plans for the salt firing.


  1. Your punk days ended when we met in Cafe Collage and you still had your spiky blue-purple hair and I said, "You're not from around here, are you?" and then I told you I wanted you to mentor women in Eastern Kentucky. (-:

  2. I still have my purple and blue dye...