Wednesday, August 24, 2011

12 oz.

Stoneware Cup in Ivory and Blues, $22
Today... well, today seemed like one of those days where you need to climb Mt. Everest but you can't seem to get anywhere because you're running on a hamster wheel instead of a linear path. I have about six different projects going on in the studio and a few home projects on top of them. I'm trying to keep the juggling act going all day long and some days, like today, I wonder, "Have I accomplished anything?" Mind you, from experience I know that sometimes in the midst of what seems like utter chaos, things are moving forward even if you can't see it, measure it or sense it. Still, I do have this desire to imbibe in some red wine when I encounter days like this and my new stoneware cups always make me think of a big hearty cup of wine (Or mead. I've never had mead. Wonder what it's like?). Since these babies can hold approximately 12 ounce or more of a liquid, that's almost 2 glasses of wine! Anyway, I finally got all my pix of the stoneware cups taken, the measurements written down and my boilerplate for the style of cups saved to a text file for some cutting and pasting over the next few days so yay for me!
Stoneware Cup in Ivory and Brown, $22
     Finally got the last of my slab vases slipped, dried and ready for bisque. Some have the styling that I've done on my neolithic horse cups from earlier in the year. I'm trying to sneak in this bisque before I get back to glazing the rest of my teapots and creamer/sugar jar sets. There is a salt firing coming up at EKU and I'd like to get some of the additional cups, vases and pitchers ready for that firing. Unfortunately, I won't get my neolithic horse cups done before the Richmond Pottery Festival which is coming up on Sept. 10 and 11th but they will be ready for Christmas inventory. Included in the group are some new designs of Buddha on the cups. Hope they come out. I may work on some more for an upcoming anagama firing that is slated to happen, tentatively, for October or November. The colder the better.
     Did I mention I'm working on some new sculptures?
     So in the mean time, since I haven't got enough to do in clay, I'm also working on additional gourd pins and pendants with a few pendant experiments in porcelain. Making them keeps me entertained but here's the thing, I'm considering a redesign of my Etsy site that splits my clay work from my gourd work. I love working in both mediums but as an Etsy shop, I think they have different audiences. Question is: what do I call a new shop if I do this and how much extra work am I making for myself? Is this a recipe for a marketing nightmare or am I paving the way for a smoother ride in the future?
      Somewhere this will pay off but today, it just seemed like chaos. I will post some shots of the progress in the next few days, loaded kiln, boxes of pots to be glazed, pins in progress and what have you. And in the midst of this, the animals howl and call for attention and food. My poor little Ruby has a crack in her hoof with a likely abscess. It means daily treatment of standing her foot in a bucket of water and epsom salts for as long as we both can stand it and then some medicine on the funky part of her sole. Although today, I almost thought it looked like her abscess might be breaking out which would be awesome.
     Tonight, no wine because its too late in the evening (would be a terrible waste of a nice red wine this late in the day) but a nice cup of darjeeling suits me just fine... 

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