Sunday, August 14, 2011

Total Distraction

Rash? Or Chiggers? All I know is my husband and I went out this weekend to clear a tree that had been fallen for some time. This morning, I was on fire. All down my right side, the right side of my neck, around my right arm, across my belly but not at my belt line, across my chest, tiny bumps that seem to blister but they don't behave like poison ivy. We looked up poison sumac, poison oak, you name it. I still can't figure out what this is. I suspect a major infestation of chiggers but they're not like the ones I've gotten before. They also exhibited some weird white, pus-like stage at one point, like zits except for the itching.
     I do remember clearing some vines from this fallen tree and feeling this dust fall down my side into the sleeve of my shirt, on my head. I thought it was just old pine needles but who knows, maybe I hit nest of chiggers that I dumped down my shirt. I give up. Juts make it stop because if it is chiggers, from past experience, I'm going to be scratching well into October.
     Everything got washed including me, twice. The second showers was an endorphin rush. The hot water hitting all the bumps produced this overwhelming feeling... like, like... well, like the approach to a great orgasm but without the release. Complete anticipation of a great feeling but then... nothing. Awful. So I bathed myself in Calamine lotion and then, it burned. Better than itching, I think.
     It has produced an extreme sense of awareness as in 'I am completely aware of every bump that itches at any given time.' This is no substitute for the yoga I gave up this evening for the agony I'm in at the moment.  I can only hope I'm not swollen like a tick in the morning.

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