Thursday, February 16, 2012

Updates and notes

Uncomfortable Surprise, 2012,
4"h x 12.5"w x 4"d, Stoneware, cone 6 oxidation, glaze, slip, beads
Tricky time for me on the interwebs. My laptop is non-functional which makes getting on the internet limited and problematic for me. The desktop computer is in a room that isn't really accessible in the evenings without disturbing my husband (he has an odd early, early morning shift). So until that gets fixed, the internet interaction is sporadic and limited. In addition, where the desktop computer sits is uncomfortable for me at the moment so I am less motivated to spend time in front of it than munching on snacks, typing on the laptop. Although that's kind of what brought down the laptop in the first place.
Uncomfortable Surprise,  detail
But! We are moving the computer area! So all of that should be resolved somewhat shortly. I hope.
Uncomfortable Surprise, 2012,
4"h x 12.5"w x 4"d, Stoneware, cone 6 oxidation, glaze, slip, beads
In the studio, I am on several application deadlines and work deadlines. And running out of time. Naturally. Later this afternoon, I will be taking a break from the carving work on cups, teapots and sculptures to participate in an Empty-Bowl-A-Thon at Eastern Kentucky University's ceramics department for an upcoming Empty Bowls event. Check your local area for an Empty Bowl event near you! Great community event to help feed the hungry. I help out with about two a year.
Commissioned Tea Set in ivory, light blue and green with pink.
And so, these are images of a finished sculpture and a recent tea set that was commissioned. The aesthetics on the tea set are derived from the cups on Etsy but the cups are smaller, more like sake-sized. The ridges and lines remind me of the hyphae of fungi that I was reading about just recently from Dr. Nicholas P. Money's books, Mushrooms and Triumph of the Fungi: A Rotten History, which I recommend.
Tea Horse Studio, Drinking Cup, $22

Spring is just around the corner. I sense I'll be buying seeds this weekend...

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