Friday, May 4, 2012


     Greetings, Earthlings! It's Derby Weekend in Kentucky. For a horse lover like me, this is great stuff when these wonderful animals get the same respect as NFL football players, if only for a day and if only to bet on... wait. People bet on football games, too. Nevermind. Anyway, this weekend plus last weekend's Rolex 3-Day Event make me a happy camper.
     Things going on. I unloaded another batch from the kiln. These white stoneware cups and bowls will be split between Damsel Fly Gallery and my Etsy site over the next couple of days. I still have more items to glaze and fire including some teapots. Busy bee.
     I spoke to a local business development person here in Estill County. Beginning this summer and starting for a full season next year, I will open up my studio to visitors for a limited schedule. Tentatively, beginning in August until the 30th of September, I will begin a work schedule of Wednesday to Saturday, 10 am to 3 pm where I won't set the dogs on people who wish to come visit my studio. Then, beginning in 2013 (on the non-Mayan calendar), I will work the same schedule from April 1st to September 30th with certain exceptions where I will be closed to due prior shows and events (Last weekend in April, Derby Weekend and other specified days). I am hoping to get some roadside signs to help point out the way. I also hope to put more of my work in some local Estill shops.
     There is a move afoot in Kentucky to attract more tourism around the Kentucky River for use as a canoeing and kayaking river. I am hoping as that angle expands, I can attract some area visitors to my studio. I'm not that far from Berea and several other potteries including Turning Wheel Pottery and Tater Knob Pottery. To get from their shops to my studio means driving one of the prettiest roads in the region, the Red Lick Valley Road. For anyone needing their country and clay fix, a trip to Turning Wheel, Tater Knob and then Tea Horse Studio on your way back to Richmond is a nice day's drive. Now if I can get the local's on board about some signs...

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