Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Salt firing results

Recent salt firing at EKU. Thanks, Joe! 
     So the recent salt firing went very well, although it went so fast, I missed the salting! My thanks to Joe and Jake for taking care of the noxious part.
I love the warm tones!
     The clay I'm using is a half and half mix of porcelain and half white stoneware. I love the light neutral tone it gives in the salt firing. Wiping on and wiping back the local slip I'm using deepens the tone. I can see I'll be working with this quite a bit. When the salting gets very heavy, the clay deepens to a nice grey-blue tone. I may try a slip and ash mix in a future wood firing.
Large Shallow Bowl with Carvings
     These items on the page and others are now listed on my Etsy site. I'll also be participating in a few local pottery sales closer to Christmas. I may have an open studio day just before the holidays really get rolling.
Small Cat Tumbler
Horse Carving on Soap Dish
Tumbler with Hunter Carving
Tumbler with Abstract Pod Shapes
Incense Holder with Pod Carvings

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