Saturday, November 26, 2016

Holiday season

Okie doke. I've finally managed to put aside a few pots from my firings to list on Etsy. Most of them are soap dishes under $20. Most of the time I make pots as fast as I can and they end up getting dispersed to local galleries. By the time I finish making deliveries, I have little to list on Etsy. Particularly horse pottery. This time I managed to put a few pieces aside of the latest batch of farm animals themed pieces including goats, cats, dogs, pigs and roosters and chickens.

If you sign up for my newsletter – and I highly suggest you do – you get a promo code for check out that knocks a few pennies off the price for the holiday season.

I'm shipping Priority Mail until December 12, after which I won't feel comfortable that the pots will arrive before Dec. 25th.

So enjoy, enjoy. Hope your holiday season gets off to a great start!

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