Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bobtown Arts Wood Firing Dec. 2016

     So we did this on the weekend of December 9-10 and let me tell you it was COLD. I have yet to organize these on Etsy but if you're signed up for my newsletter (link on the sidebar) you can get all the info if you're looking to purchase. A plethora of photos to follow...
Some odd pitchers. For reference, they should comfortably hold about a quart to half gallon of milk.
They're thrown and assembled from two parts. $90 each.

Sun mugs! Yay!

These run $36

A lovely arrangement... 
Inside mugs and coffee cups. The glaze is a chun rimmed with  a darker blue.

Chuns can run from an ivory or white to a pale blue depending on the firing. Most of the insides of my mugs and cups become a speckled light blue

Two smaller coffee cups with horse motif. $26 each. 


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