Monday, November 21, 2011

Anagama: Unload - The pots

Flashing, drips, shino and carbon trapping, these are some detailed shots of the work that came out of this firing. Very heavy on images. I tried to group and headline by subject but it's a loose interpretation.

Flashing Fun!
Flashing around the wadding
Some nice subtle effects
Combined with a blast of ash...
Seth Green pot
Richard Burkett pot fresh out of the kiln. The top actually warped but you can't tell from this angle.
Flashing on the bottom of Joe Molinaro's houses
The arch of the kiln even looks like it has flashing!
Love the orange on this horse teapot! 
Flashing jellyfish
Um, different kind of flashing
Another Richard Burkett bottle with some great changes in color!
Seth Green pot coming out of the kiln.

Fabulous Drips and Ash Effects

Subtle drips on Joe Molinaro's house

We tried to tell Seth Green this pot was for the kiln tax but he wasn't having any of it.
The crystals and color combos in this pot are amazing!

Shiny Shinos and...

...Carbon Trapping! 

And the rest of the fun stuff...
Some of my horse cups

It's not all orange!
Beginning of Matt Trimble's tiny pot collection
Nice tray that didn't warp!
Kristal Gilkey skull.
Porcelain subtlety
Jake Boggs

Tate Knob vase
Naughty slit with flashing
Crimson Duvall creepy creature
Another Richard Burkett piece
Not quite as hot way in the back so some cold spots and crustiness

Anagama: Unload - People!

Many people are needed to pull this off, the loading, the firing, the unloading.

Crimson Duvall and Buddy Dobbins with empty tables. Very windy day!

Buddy Dobbins and Bill Whitt

Crimson Duvall inspects a Kristal Gilkey cup.

Students from Morehead State University, Jake Boggs, Bill Lennox and Kristal Gilkey as part of the hand-off  from the people inside the kiln.

Jug and sake cup stuck together. They make a set!

Packing up the pots at the end of the morning. Sara Culbreth of Tate Knob Pottery in Berea, on the right.

Anagama: Unload - Sticky Pots

Bill Lennox and Bill Whitt start chiseling the front sections.

We had a few casualties and pots that made good friends with each other during the firing.

First large sculpture of pots that tumbled in the front.

When pots love each other, kiss from a mug.

We started to separate them but with some damage.

Crud, crust and chips. And some great ash drips!

Crimson Duvall's creature that sat up front through the firing wears an earring made of one of my pots.

Bill Whitt attempting to separate without too much damage...

Wadding loves everything

While lamenting the combinations, it was hard to ignore the fabulous color and effects!

A triplet of pots

This pot enjoyed the shelf so much, it insisted on leaving the kiln in situ.