Monday, March 26, 2012

Blue Spring

Eastern Bluebird, male
    Scratching noises this morning in the kitchen. I though it was a wasp banging against the window because it's been so warm the past week. I finally realized it something else and it was coming from the wood stove. But then... it got quiet. Maybe I was mistaken.
     When I heard scratching again, I turned the flue and heard something drop in to the main chamber. I got my flashlight and got myself ready for whatever might come rushing out at me. When I opened the door and turned my light inside this little bluebird blinked back at me. Poor little thing. I picked him up (took his photo) and put him outside where upon he promptly flew away.
Female bluebird
     Then I sat down again, satisfied that I had done the right thing. And promptly hear more scratching. Well, just how many of you are in here? The female suddenly flew towards the window where I trapped it against the glass (took her picture) and set her outside to join her mate.

All in a days work :) My hands are black.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Wood-fired pots

Wood-fired Slit Cup in Red Shino with Yellow Salt Interior, $28
     Well, computer problems are still dogging me so the listings and postings are slow and erratic but nevertheless, here are two of several pots to come out of the Tater Knob wood firing a few weekends ago. Mostly, my computer issues have been meant that I have to jump between the laptop and desktop computer and that makes production of photos for listings and blogging slow and cumbersome. Some days I've been relegated to "liking" Facebook posts. Not very productive.
Wood-fired indent Cup with Red Shino and Yellow Salt Interior, $28
     In the mean time, I take these computer glitches as signs from the universe that I should get out to the studio and do more work there. Why fret over what's going wrong when you can move onto something that's going right? And when the studio work is not going well, I give the computer another try. And so on.
     I do have some pix of the kiln at Tater Knob and will post more in depth about that later on. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

The weather in this part of Kentucky got a bit severe last week. We had no tornados in Estill but we did get this nice-sized hail. Fortunately, we got no damage from the hail but I do know people who had damage to their siding and their vehicles. I listed the mug below on Etsy as part of a donation to the local Red Cross relief efforts in the state. It lasted 5 minutes before it was snatched up by Kristin in MN so I didn't get to blog about it!
Sun Mug Sold!
Right now, activity in the studio is centered around glazing as I am getting ready to participate in an upcoming wood/salt firing at the Tater Knob Pottery in nearby Berea. Once that's unloaded, I believe I'll have some work to upload to Etsy. Ciao for now!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kentucky Crafted: The Market

Buddy Dobbins Pottery  on Etsy.
     Yesterday, Buddy Dobbins and I went to Lexington to visit Kentucky Crafted: The Market (KyC:TM), a trade show organized by the Kentucky Arts Council. The Market is a yearly juried show (two days trade only; two days open to the public) that showcases some of the best of the state's (and immediate region's) art and craft work. Buddy and I were there to scope out the general expectations of KyC:TM and the mix and quality of the work presented. This year was its first year in Lexington. Previously, it's been held at the halls on the State Fairgrounds in Louisville. The show has always been a great collection of artists and craftspeople but I really liked the venue change this year. The Convention Center in Lexington gave the show a more intimate feel. I felt the total effect of this change for this show that showcases handmade things, was to really help the average person connect with the work produced. One other thing I felt strongly while walking the floor of KyC:TM is Kentucky certainly shares in the quality of work in regions like Asheville, NC. I would like to think with the rich tradition of craft work here, that the Central/Eastern KY is a hidden gem and less well-know rival to Asheville, NC.

Functional Work by Crimson Duvall. I own this piece :)
     Buddy and I (and fellow artist Crimson Duvall), are working on applications to get juried into the Kentucky Crafted program and possibly, exhibit at the next KC:TM event. The 2012 Market had a great eclectic mix of artistic talent suitable for retail/wholesale applications. We already have a few friends exhibiting at KyC:TM. I also picked up a few cards while I was at the show for my future purchases. I'm as guilty as the next person when it comes to buying mass produced things for myself and my home as gifts. I as, much as anyone else, need to remind myself of the great, fabulous hand-made things that are out there. Do they cost a little bit more? Yes, often. Is there really a quality difference? YES! By a landslide and that alone is worth the price of admission. Not everyone can afford to buy everything hand-made and custom-made all the time but it is good to remind yourself to consider a hand-made item for gifts and special occasions at minimum.
Tea Horse Studio on Etsy.
     I'm rambling on. Here are some links of the vendors whose work I enjoyed yesterday, just a small sampling:

Alley Cat Pottery

Handmade stuffed animals made from recycled materials  www.judygeagelybyhand

Iron forge work

Letterpress invitations, postcards, etc. I LOVE letterpress.

Where science meets art, Resin insect jewelry

Beautiful feminine pottery

More pottery... by Megan Sauter

What can I say, I'm into clay. Another potter :) Nita Claise

Marianne Brown Pottery

Amy Elswick

Laura Ross Studio Clay

Snug Hollow Farm

Pat Banks Watercolors

Moss Hill Bath and Body