Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Clay, no, make that ART, is good for everyone

There was an article in the New York Times website today about a Washington Redskins tight end who also does pottery. I love reading about things like this. I'm such a firm believer that each one of us has creative ability but far too often we box ourselves into thinking we're "not creative" simply because we can't replicate the work of Picasso or Leonardo, sing like Placido Domingo or Aretha Franklin or dance like Ginger Rogers. What utter bullshit. I love finding out about people who have talent that they're recognized for, in this case, his athletic talent, and yet, they do not limit themselves. What I love about the article is the sense that this guy really enjoys the process from start to finish and that we know what he'll be doing come retirement from the NFL. Too often, I think, people shortchange themselves, creatively, by putting pressure on themselves to be "the best" or "talented" at artistic endeavors. Art doesn't have to be about producing the final anything. Often, the art is about the process and yes, you can do it just to make yourself feel good.

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