Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tea time

Okay, where was I?
The year is wrapping up. Ideally, I'd be filling Christmas orders for internet and store sales. That's not happening. The reality is that this year was all about transition. Moving from student to studio tech to prepping for being a working artist. Moving from old life as graphic designer and working for other people to setting the stage for a new beginning, a new career, a new journey pursuing my inner dream. That major shift takes time, apparently. The studio took about 5 months to "finish" as opposed to the 2-5 weeks I was hoping for. And yet it's still not completely finished but I can work in it (even though it's been in the single digits in the morning outside) and get stuff done. And then there's the mental preparations, what to do next?

Bonnie Seeman workshop,  EKU.
My plans for the end of this year include mapping out applications for shows for the upcoming year and scouting out potential fairs and venues for sales of functional work. I'm also outlining my work for functional and sculptural directions. Thanks to the Tea Party wins in the recent elections, I have been inspired to use that as inspiration to develop and improve my functional skills but dedicating myself to creating tea sets over the next two years so we have something to sip our tea as we watch the Tea Party "fix" things in Washington D.C. and "get rid of big government." Good luck with that! I feel a need to create pieces with my aesthetics as I sit back and watch this "miracle" take place. Then again, with the coming of the Ark Theme Park in Northern KY, maybe it will be the Second Coming I'll witness. Either way, I'll need something to drink from and a nice pot to brew tea in. I recently attended a Bonnie Seeman workshop at EKU and was inspired by her voluptuous, organic work in teapots and other functional vessels. Time to explore that which I've been intimidated by for too long.

I will also be working on a new body of work derived from my seed, plant, animal pieces from before. I'm still very much in the throes of "The Change of Life" as my friend calls it so that will, no doubt, factor into the work but I'm also very intrigued these days about transitioning and evolving structures and states of being. I sense appendages and moving parts. Certainly more complex structures. We shall see. All in all, I view 2010 as Year Zero for me and 2011 as Year One. Crack open a bottle of champagne and let's toast the New Year!

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