Friday, January 28, 2011

Enlighten: Lori Phillips, Ceramic Artist

Adaptation Show, Richmond, KY -  2010 (Lori Phillips, artist)

It's all well and good to update what's going on around these parts and how work is progressing but sometimes it's more interesting to me and more fun to look at other people's work and some significant influences in the world around me. First up on the agenda is my fellow ceramic artist, Lori Phillips.

Lori Phillips is a warm, quirky, inquisitive, loving, talented and inspirational artist based in the Richmond, KY area. She also graduated from EKU with me from the Ceramics BFA program under Joe Molinaro, a semester ahead of me. We share a similar sensibility and source of inspiration from the world around us and you can see how our work feeds off of, and influences us. She has a beautiful feel for color and is adventurous with it and with the many textures she uses in her functional work and her sculptural work.

She and I collaborated on a group show we put together at the Irvinton House Museum in 2010 called Adaptation which I'll post about at a later date.

Lori has her own blog and her own Esty shop and I say to you: GO THERE NOW!

My "Enlighten:" moments are things or people that I think you should know about. Because their work is good, because their cause is good, because their influence is good.

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