Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some days...

The 35 Symptoms, 2009-10; Stoneware, wood, mixed media
     Oh, some days are worse than others. But at least I know I'm not crazy. Working on a few things in the studio at the moment, about four gourd pieces and I've started on the old reliable pinch pots to get me back into clay. The thing I like about having a few projects going at once is that it compliments, nicely, the short attention span mode I can get into from time to time. Plus, when I hit a road block in solving a problem, it keeps me from fucking things up on a piece out of frustration. I have a collection of work over the years (non-clay) that is really nothing more that an "I'll get back to that" group although in some cases, it's been years. I suppose I hope I'll just grow to like something if I live with it long enough. Either  that or I'll finally get the urge to chuck it or recycle it.
     So today's symptoms on the Shrine are muscle tension, which the yoga should help with, joint pain (why? why not, my body says), itchy crawly skin, lack of libido (a frequent visitor), and body odor changes. I think I'll dress in a sack today.

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