Monday, January 24, 2011

Tea Horse Studio

Being a little obsessed about creating things means that when I'm not contemplating, "Why menopause?" and producing something to comment on my musings, I'm making functional things and fun stuff to wear, to use, to send, to hang. To that end, I've separated the functional side of my elf-like work from the reflective, fine art work. I'll be making that kind of functional, craft-ish-ness-like work under the Tea Horse Studio name and the fine art work will be signed by me, Cynthia Cusick.

Banner for the Etsy site for Tea Horse Studio.

The place to find and buy my work will be on my new Etsy site, Tea Horse Studio. I picked the name as a play on several things that relate to me. "Tea Horse" is derived from "Wind Horse" which is an allegory for the human soul in Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhism is a philosophy that resonates with me. I also and an avid tea drinker and my first horse, my childhood dream, my four-legged soulmate is my Arabian gelding, Three Wishes, better know around the farm as Tee. The first batch of things on the site are a few heart badges just in time for Valentine's Day.

Love Birds in Hearts

I have some ceramic, wood-fired cups to photograph and list in a few days plus I'll be rolling out more badges with other images like abstracts, animals, people, crotches and suggestive naughty bits. I can't help myself.

In the future. I'll also be posting about some buddies of mine from back in the day who are also making things and listing on Etsy. We're all a creative bunch.

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