Thursday, March 24, 2011


Fall down go BOOM!
Been a little busy around here with lots of little things, nothing huge but enough to keep me from updating. First and foremost, the hormone thing. Ugh. What a week. Talk about hostility at inanimate objects flip-flopping to excessive emotionality! I keep looking up to see if there's a dark cloud above me. My Status Shrine is full of icons, and I'm going through chocolate at an amazing rate. How long is this supposed to last again? Two to nine years???

So there's that.

And then I've been getting busy with honing my business plan, getting tax info together, planning exhibitions for later this year hopefully, trying to coordinate a group show application for a regional gallery and working on brand identity. All necessary things but they are investments of time, energy and labor that pay off in the future and not income-generators right off the bat.


Impossible for me to talk without using my hands.
I did a small one-night show for a Gallery Hop in Richmond last week, followed by a talk in Winchester for the Winchester Art Guild. There I spoke about my career, work and specifically, my 35 Symptoms piece. The audience was small and all ladies so the subject matter went over really well. My buddy, Frances wants me to do more talks on the same subject. I just want to make pots! I also have one piece to deliver for a group show in Tennessee. Tennessee loves me.

And to that effect...

I have started on six new teapot ideas in various stages of construction and carving. Most of my work now involves altering and carving with involved textures created with tedious repetitious motions using wood and metal tools. It's a very zen thing for me. I know it's time-consuming but become mesmerized with it and I get the most beautiful patterns sometimes.

Next up...

Tomorrow in Richmond is the Empty Bowls event. 50 of my bowls will be available. I hope they were useful for the final count and that they get picked quickly. I hope to make it to EB. And then it's back to pots.

Oh, and the Bradford Pear tree blew down in a storm last night. The end.

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  1. Dude. I took some good shots of you at the talk. And, yes, I do want you to do more of them because you are an excellent speaker. AND, please take me with you to Tennessee again!