Thursday, March 24, 2011

One More Thing: Mother Earth News et al.

Brown Ripple Vase; $75. Buy on Etsy and $60 will be donated via PayPal to the American Red Cross efforts to help the citizens of the Sendai area of Japan.
There have been such tragic events in Japan that break my heart, I am trying to sell this vase through my  Tea Horse Studio on Etsy. The price is $75 excluding shipping. I will be donating $60 of the sale to the American Red Cross toward the relief effort. This vase and donation was kindly featured in Mother Earth News on Wednesday. I am grateful for the mention. Etsy (and other groups like NCECA that are helping to coordinate and promote the "Handmade for Japan" campaign) also has many other handmade items where the proceeds will either be partially or completely donated to a relief agency to help with efforts in Japan. If you want to give towards that effort, buying a handmade item is a great way to do it as you get something human-made in return, a small reminder of the fragility of us.

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  1. Beautifully put, as usual. Thank you for doing this!