Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Empty Bowls I 2011

Well, things have been a little quiet here in the internet for me but busy as hell in the studio. Last week I wedged 50 ball of clay then threw, trimmed, packed and delivered 50 bowls in greenware to EKU for an upcoming Empty Bowls in Richmond, KY on March 25th or 26th, I believe.
     If you haven't heard of Empty Bowls, it's a great event of giving held in local communities all around the country in a mission to raise awareness and fight hunger in the United States. It involves, (usually), a partnership of potters donating handmade bowls and people donating food and cooking expertise. You pay a fee for any bowl you choose and get to fill your bowl with soup. The proceeds are then used in the fight against hunger. Here is a link to an overview. Keep your eyes peeled, you may have an Empty Bowls event in your community...

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