Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Animal Farm: Diva, Recovering

Pet me.
Well, she's getting better...slowly. Thanks to wonderful friends, family and total strangers, I've raised a little less than half of her surgery bill which is fabulous. I hope the longer term pay-off will be increasing sales.
     But back to Diva. She's gotten verrrry comfortable being indoors. In fact, I think she's beginning to prefer it. Food is brought to her, she's shuttled on and off the porch, she sleeps at the edge of our bed. How will I be certain that after 8 weeks, she won't be faking an injury just to stay inside? The biggest problem we have now, aside from her weight which is killing my back, is that she pants incessantly in the evening at times. I'm guessing it's either pain from healing or she's hot since she's still got a lot of her winter coat and it's suddenly become summer in Kentucky this week. Sometimes, it's also just needing to go outside. Regardless, it's loud enough to wake the dead. But other than that she's doing well and gets lots of hugs and pats and love in general.
     I take her back for a check up in about a week. In the mean time, I must make more pots so this week is filled with the unglamorous task of spreading out wet clay to reclaim and wedge into workable balls of clay for the wheel. At least the kiln is finally hooked up. Now, if I could only figure out how this old model works...

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