Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dreary weather returns...

I admit I am way too sensitive to the weather and it greatly affects how motivated I am to work. If I feel cold, I don't want to work, I practically have to make myself work. Having said that, today's high of 50° in Lexington set a new record for the lowest high in the month of May. Plus it's been rainy and drizzly all day. It's awful. I have long johns on again. I'm under a blanket. I fired up the kerosene heater in the studio. Copious amounts of tea and coffee were drunk. Nevertheless, I did get out there and wedge, throw and carve.
     Currently, I'm working in porcelain, all reclaim that I've acquired over my BFA career. I'm pretty sure it's porcelain. Pretty sure. Anyway, I'm trying not to think about it because I find if I get hung up in "I'm working on porcelain," my work goes to shit. It's like the energy from my hands freaks out and my forms freak out. Because I was so organized and marked all my reclaim buckets with the cone temperature [NOT], I'm firing all my reclaim that is not positively identified to cone 6 in my electric kiln. Some of the clay is only cone 6 and some is ^6-10 but no sense chancing it. I do have some cone 10 clay for some wood fire cups but I'll segregate that. In the mean time, I'm trying out some ideas and shapes to fill my kiln and plenty and plenty of test tiles.
     But please, can I just get a little sunshine while I'm working???

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