Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dumb Dog

Tea Horse Studio, Horse Cup, $22
Update on the dog situation. Diva is recovering but my back is killing me. Lifting 70 lbs up and down the porch steps so she can pee is making my lower back unhappy. I know, I know, use your legs, not your back! But trust me, even with the deep knee bend technique, it's still a strain for me.
    As for Diva, herself, she's laying low now because last week, only a little over a week since she broke her leg, she over did it and not only jumped off the porch before I could stop her and lift her off, she came running to see me at one point during the day, bounding down the sidewalk, hop, hop, step, hop, hop, step, tail wagging, butt wiggling... it made me wince. And the next day she lay still panting heavily because we went through all the pain killer so stupid dog, stop running and jumping!
   In the mean time, I'm making sales on Etsy and will be listing more items in the near future to replace the ones sold. I am humbled and grateful, as always, for the purchases, as they will go a long way towards paying the bill for Diva's surgery. I should also be able to squeeze out some funds for additional investment into the studio. We are working on getting the kiln hooked up this week so testing will begin shortly. Woo! I'll try to get a picture of the limping fool up shortly.

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