Sunday, October 9, 2011

Enlighten: Curatorial Christmas

Stoneware Teacup in Pink and Yellow, $30
     Summer is over but we've been enjoying an Indian Summer here in Kentucky. As we prep for the colder weather, I'm prepping for upcoming wood firings. I'll be uploading as much of my wood-fired work as possible on my Etsy site after the firings so check out the shop over the next few weeks for updated items as you start to peruse the internet for your holiday shopping.

Porcelain teacup with blue roots, $30
     However, the variety and simple numbers of handmade items out there is overwhelming. There are many handmade portals on the internet but even searching on Etsy can be mind-numbing separating the cool, worthwhile stuff from the crap. I offer a couple of suggestions. My first is to let me (and others) curate for you! Etsy sellers (and buyers) have a link on their profiles called "Favorites." If you click on that link and the person has enabled it to public viewing, you can see items that they have already found on Etsy that they think are worthwhile and interesting. So instead of browsing through thousands and thousands of random items, you can narrow your browsing choices to people with similar taste to yours.

Hot flashes? Porcelain cream
and sugar set, Red Eruptions, $44
Feel free to start at my shop! Be bold and buy that cup you've been wanting to give to your best friend, or to yourself! Then hit my "favorites" button and peruse items and whole shops that I think have some great hand made items.

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     Maybe you want to get more involved, more in-depth. Maybe more than just handmade items, you're looking for some interesting art, interesting sounds, interesting ideas — not just now but at any time when you need to massage your creative appetite. Then let Frances Figart, curate for you! Frances has started a new email newsletter called "Coming UpArt". Frances, a writer who has focused mainly on sustainability and eco-tourism, describes the impetus for her venture:
"Artists are the least compensated members of the work force proportionate to the amount of joy they bring to human beings. Even in the face of difficulty, the inspiration of art, music, film, theatre or literary composition can make us feel that everything’s coming up roses."
 Amen to that! Frances has graciously included me and seven other talented artists — Nate Miller, Mike Coykendall, Patrick McNeese, Joe Lamirand, Kathleen Farago May, Paul Ramey and Hans Peter Jorgensen— in her inaugural newsletter. If you are interested in getting to know interesting artists and artisans, go to her site and add your email to her list by clicking on the link in the article to be a part of this newsletter!

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