Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Some of this, some of that...
Naughty Slit

     Some goings on here at the wee studio. Some of this will go into this weekend's wood-firing in Waco, some will go toward getting into an upcoming anagama firing at EKU if there is room. The sculptural work will be fired in the electric kiln later on with additional functional work.
     While some of my younger EKU colleagues are off at graduate school, I look at this time for me as my own "graduate" work. I see evolution and development, exploration and refinement.

Unwelcome. Surprise.
   Photographer Nathaniel Miller mentions in his interview with Frances Figart that he does not think of anything when he is photographing the moment. This statement got me thinking about my own process. I think I'll expand on this at a later time but it revolves around the zen process of creating.

Maternal Appetite
Chop wood, carry water.

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  1. Those look way better than anything I'm making right now. I need to step it up, haha.