Monday, March 26, 2012

Blue Spring

Eastern Bluebird, male
    Scratching noises this morning in the kitchen. I though it was a wasp banging against the window because it's been so warm the past week. I finally realized it something else and it was coming from the wood stove. But then... it got quiet. Maybe I was mistaken.
     When I heard scratching again, I turned the flue and heard something drop in to the main chamber. I got my flashlight and got myself ready for whatever might come rushing out at me. When I opened the door and turned my light inside this little bluebird blinked back at me. Poor little thing. I picked him up (took his photo) and put him outside where upon he promptly flew away.
Female bluebird
     Then I sat down again, satisfied that I had done the right thing. And promptly hear more scratching. Well, just how many of you are in here? The female suddenly flew towards the window where I trapped it against the glass (took her picture) and set her outside to join her mate.

All in a days work :) My hands are black.