Monday, March 19, 2012

Wood-fired pots

Wood-fired Slit Cup in Red Shino with Yellow Salt Interior, $28
     Well, computer problems are still dogging me so the listings and postings are slow and erratic but nevertheless, here are two of several pots to come out of the Tater Knob wood firing a few weekends ago. Mostly, my computer issues have been meant that I have to jump between the laptop and desktop computer and that makes production of photos for listings and blogging slow and cumbersome. Some days I've been relegated to "liking" Facebook posts. Not very productive.
Wood-fired indent Cup with Red Shino and Yellow Salt Interior, $28
     In the mean time, I take these computer glitches as signs from the universe that I should get out to the studio and do more work there. Why fret over what's going wrong when you can move onto something that's going right? And when the studio work is not going well, I give the computer another try. And so on.
     I do have some pix of the kiln at Tater Knob and will post more in depth about that later on. Enjoy!

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