Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

The weather in this part of Kentucky got a bit severe last week. We had no tornados in Estill but we did get this nice-sized hail. Fortunately, we got no damage from the hail but I do know people who had damage to their siding and their vehicles. I listed the mug below on Etsy as part of a donation to the local Red Cross relief efforts in the state. It lasted 5 minutes before it was snatched up by Kristin in MN so I didn't get to blog about it!
Sun Mug Sold!
Right now, activity in the studio is centered around glazing as I am getting ready to participate in an upcoming wood/salt firing at the Tater Knob Pottery in nearby Berea. Once that's unloaded, I believe I'll have some work to upload to Etsy. Ciao for now!

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