Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tea Horse Studio - New! Electric-fired listings on Etsy

Part 2 of the new items listed on my Etsy shop. These are fresh out of my electric kiln. Click on the image and it will take you directly to that listing or feel free to browse at
Mug, Carved oblong shield shapes, $30
Mug, Layered slips, Standing Horse, $30
Small incense holder, Lines and dots, $14
Buddha cereal bowl, $30 
Buddha Mug, $30
Small mug, Layered slips with standing horse, $26
Cracker Basket in pink and green, $42
Set of 2 horse napkin rings, $10
Set of 4 horse napkin/placemat rings, $24
Set of 4 walking Darwin fish napkin/placemat rings, $24


  1. love your patterns, especially the horse on the second mug..

  2. Thanks! It's a direction I'll be exploring in the future :)