Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anagama: First morning firing

My shift at 6am this morning took the kiln from the initial campfire to jumping the fire in to the firebox. We started at approximately 217°F and went up at a rate of 100°F an hour. By the time we handed over the shift, we were at 800°F and climbing and just heading in to quartz inversion. Minimal raking was done as we were mostly just trying to climb. The shift after us promised much raking of an established coal bed and continued climbing of temperature at 100°F an hour. More pix tomorrow. The fire should be much more intense which will be welcome as the overnight low is expected to be in the 20's to low 30's. In addition to the stoking, an overflow coal bed should be established outside the kiln area and breakfast will be cooked!

Soot on pots. About 500°F

Fire is chugging right along!

Shift change!

Large stoke before heavy first raking.

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  1. Oh what fun (know it is work too)! Love hearing your descriptions and seeing the photos: living vicariously.