Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anagama: loading day 1

Eastern Kentucky University operates an anagama kiln on campus. 1-2 times a year, they try to fire it. The firings take about 3-4 days and often include a diverse crew made up of students from EKU and other nearby universities plus area ceramic artists and potters. Much food is eaten. Join the EKU Ceramics group on Facebook for updates on EKU Ceramic happenings.
The anagama kiln at EKU

Pots ready for wadding

Some Richard Burkett and EKU student pots

Additional shelves. Lots to choose from. Better to have too many, than too few.

Pots, people and the woodpiles

A real communal effort

What kiln loading usually looks like. Cramped spaces, dusty, dirty and ass-end first.

Placement of pots at the rear of the kiln

Careful wadding...

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