Monday, November 21, 2011

Anagama: Unload - Sticky Pots

Bill Lennox and Bill Whitt start chiseling the front sections.

We had a few casualties and pots that made good friends with each other during the firing.

First large sculpture of pots that tumbled in the front.

When pots love each other, kiss from a mug.

We started to separate them but with some damage.

Crud, crust and chips. And some great ash drips!

Crimson Duvall's creature that sat up front through the firing wears an earring made of one of my pots.

Bill Whitt attempting to separate without too much damage...

Wadding loves everything

While lamenting the combinations, it was hard to ignore the fabulous color and effects!

A triplet of pots

This pot enjoyed the shelf so much, it insisted on leaving the kiln in situ.

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