Sunday, November 20, 2011

Anagana: Unload- Dismantling

Lots of photos so I'm posting several separate posts and grouping the photos. First up will be a visual dismantling of the kiln from front to back with a few isolated shots.

Kiln Door dismantled. So neatly stacked!

Front of the kiln. We had some impromptu tumbling on both sides.

Major blast of ash

It was quite windy during the week of cooling so everything was covered with soot.

Soot and pots glued together with melted ash

Fortunately this soot landed on the posts well after they had cooled so it wiped off easily.

Some things stick. Wadding and remnants on the front shelf.

Obliterated cones in the front: ^010; ^5 ^6 ^7; ^9 ^10 ^11
Next layer back...
Shelves behind the front layer 

Some Joe Molinaro structures

Deliberate tumble stacking!

Pots in the sand
Deeper in the kiln

Deeper layers plus pots on the side walls

Very back set of shelves. These guys got ash but we started to see crustiness  so the heat didn't penetrate as far back as we would have liked.

Proof in the ash-covered cones. ^9 is down but ^10 barely moved. I think ^11 is still asleep.

Matt crawling out after the last pot is removed.

All done!
Next posting will get into some of the details...

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