Sunday, January 15, 2012

Horse cups

Anagama horse cup 1, 2011
     Some more horse cups from last year's anagama firing at EKU's kiln. The thing I love about these are the references to primitive cave art coupled with the unpredictable glazing from the ash deposits of the wood. It's reminiscent of limestone drippings in a real cave. You can see the rest of the horse figure but only because it's a carving incised in the body of the cup. Each cup has two drawings opposite each other so there is still a back and a front visible between the two horses. And then the mystery of what the ash has shrouded behind it! Nice shape, too. They fit nicely in the hand.

Horse cup 2, 2011, nice wine glass :)
     These cups are now part of my regular work, unexpectedly. The carved drawings were really just a doodle and not like my other work but you never know what appeals to people. Then again, I am in horse country so is this really that hard to figure out?

Horse cup 3, $22 on Etsy.

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