Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Carved Horse Teapot, wood-fired, 2011
     This is one of the four horse teapot ideas I worked on last year. This thrown, altered and carved pot was wood-fired in one of Bill Whitt's wood-firings at the end of last year. One other was in this firing, the other two were in an anagama firing at EKU's kiln around that same time. The others are either scheduled to be re-fired due to goobers from the kilns or have been sold. (This pony is still available on my Etsy site.) I really liked making them and have started working on more with some adjustments to facilitate the production. I hope to get some more in some future wood firings but I also have some ideas to try out some in oxidation.

Detail, horse-head spout
     Funny thing about tea and tea pots. I just had, yet again, another run-in between my laptop and a liquid so I am working off my desktop computer which slows things down considerably. Mostly, it just makes my life a pain in the ass because most of my useful files are on the laptop, and notes, and information, and relevant calendar, and so on. Fortunately, I do not drink tea with sugar or milk in it so it's basically just water. I plan on letting the laptop dry out for as long as I can stand it. I will be listing and showing some of the new things I've been working on but it's going to be slower than I had hoped because I have to be at the desk instead of parked in front of the TV with my cats around me, nibbling on chocolate and, yes, drinking tea.
     And in the spirit of tea drinking since I am on this tea pot exploration for the next year (something I may expand), Here are some wonderful tea companies that have great teas and tea accessories. I've tested their products out each Christmas as my smart friends and relatives know what a tea lover I am. (I thank you all.) Also, any of these teas tastes just delicious in my cups and tea pots. Honest-to-Besty!

Fab Queen's blend black tea.

Orange Dulce was one of my faves

The Chocolate Peppermint tea over Christmas knocked my socks off. I'm sad I only have three bags left!

Golden Monkey Black Tea is one of my fave loose teas of theirs.

Happy tea drinking and watch that laptop!

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