Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Enlighten: Catherine Wright

Supporting all arts...
     Being in the arts is a passion-motivated calling that can be fraught with many moments of self-doubt. Too often, in my humble opinion, the arts, collectively, are dismissed as somehow being frivolous, unsustainable, secondary. And yet, throughout human history, while we were evolving, surviving and thriving, we have always sought to express ourselves. It's what we do as a species. Some of us do it more thoroughly than others but even if you cannot sing a note, draw a stick figure, play a guitar, you can appreciate those who do, particularly those who do it well.
     We all are creative beings from the get-go. Somewhere along the line, for many of us, fear and insecurity creeps in and we declare, "I'm not creative" and abandon our passion. Some, like myself, never quite put it away but never gave it the respect it deserved in our lives until we were much older and abandoned our old fears and insecurities. We who participate in the arts, whether writing, acting, singing, dancing, creating visual art in two or three dimensions, you name it, must push ourselves not only in our area of creativity but also push our name out there. We must market ourselves. We must do it constantly. It can seem uncomfortable and icky but we press on. So, when I come across someone who is young and amazingly talented and just beginning and hasn't succumbed to the obstacles of doubt and dismissal that society throws in our way, I am more than happy to say, "Come look at this! Come listen to this!"
     And so I am happy to send you to these pages of Miss Catherine Wright, a talented operatic-trained singer from Lexington, Kentucky. She is just eighteen-years-old and promises to have a wonderful career in front of her. She is currently studying at University of Kentucky, majoring in Vocal Performance. She has a YouTube channel and a Facebook fan page. Take a moment to listen below and "like" her fan page if you think, like I do, that she's got one hell of a voice.

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