Monday, September 24, 2012

Sand Hill Slip

Jake Boggs and I at the salt kiln at EKU.
     Hello little pickles! Right now, I have pots in a salt kiln that is waiting to be unloaded. I sliced the shit out of my fingers caulking the door up with clay. Oh, salt glazed bricks! How you slice open my finger tips. Where are my rubber finger thingies?
Elmer trying to capture the moment.
     Not wasting time. I am glazing pots for my electric kiln and hope to get a firing off this week. Cross my fingers on that one.
     And I hear that there may be some wood firings going on in the area??? Well, it is Autumn so what better time for a big bonfire in a small brick building?
Raw from the river bank. 
Makes a nice creamy slip. Very olive green. 
After applying, you can buff it back like a terra sigillata. I may have to expriment with this a bit. No firing, nice olive green variations from dark to light as you buff it. Very soft to the touch.
Fired cone 6 oxidation on porcelain.
Fired cone 6 reduction on stoneware. Very iron rich. Nothing added but water.
     With these firings, I hope to see how my local slip fires and if I'm getting any consistency. It's rather iron heavy so I'm not sure what kind of modifications I can make to it but playing with adding ash, clay and maybe some colorants to see what changes I can make with it. I noticed that it has some terra sigillata properties so I may try it at lower temps on my sculptures.
     Pictures of the unloading and new pots to come soon!

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