Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Piles of bisque

     I'm in a mode of making and bisqueing for future firings. After I make enough to crowd me out of my workspace, I will being glazing and firing. I have decided this and it is so. It is so because I realized that  I have accumulated piles of bisqued items in boxes everywhere. I have become obsessed with wet clay. I need to break my addiction. I have a new digital scale. I must begin testing new glazes. I must begin glazing, firing and the like. I must not get stuck just throwing and bisqueing. That's for clay pussies. I need FIRE.
     I need a clay psychologist.
This picture does not include the four plastic containers of previously bisqued items. Hrm. 
Jewelry? Perhaps...
I see Christmas ornaments...
Delivered bisqued bowls to Kentucky Mudworks today to be glazed for an upcoming Empty Bowls at Bourbon n' Toulouse in Lexington, Ky., on Sept. 22. If you're in the area, save that date!


  1. What is it with you and all this bisqueware ??
    Do you save elastic bands in the second drawer in the kitchen ????
    Hilarious ...I think you need a PROJECT..or A STUDIO SALE..or an EXHIBITION !!
    Have a GREAT time playing with all the possibilities and thanks so much for being a part of Mud Colony !!

  2. Yep - know the feeling - I still have bisqued pots I made at college that is some of the best throwing I have ever done - 5 years ago, that I cannot bring myself to glaze... if you find that clay psychologist....

  3. Sounds like you are in the throws of your own natural rhythm, and lets face it, wet clay and throwing is mesmerising and addictive for sure. Keep going!

  4. I love seeing pictures of huge piles of bisqueware. I'm always so impressed! My work needs to be decorated before bisquing and so I never seem to get to the point of mountains of work waiting to be glazed!