Monday, September 10, 2012


She presses onward!
I know the glazing is beginning because the under-glazing is in full swing.
Symbols and markings
      Much of the functional work I've been doing started out as a derivative of the sculptural textures and shapes I indulged in. Natural stepping off point, I suppose. Incorporate the textures and ideas I have sculpturally into my functional work. The main thrust of my fine art focuses around seeds, pods, fundamentals of nature and the like. Often it references back to sexuality, femininity and maturity. However, the functional equivalents of those ideas are more tricky to pull off. As a diversion, a quickie, "Make-A-Mug" project, I took a break from the "form/concept" translation to my pottery by relaxing and doing some simple cave art carvings of horses on my mugs and cups. I've been drawing horses since I was a kid and I liked the primitive look they had on the pottery.
      Bingo! They found interested eyes and curious fingers and hands, people who wanted them! So I've thought more, since then about the primitive aspect of the drawings. I've explored what I'm thinking about and the important elements of my work, sculptural and functional. The repeated themes are origins, evolution, changes and time. As I think about these things, my drawings are becoming more diverse and abstract elements are appearing. I'm researching primitive cave art, pottery markings, pre-historic cultures and recent cultures and symbols.
Pin tool scratchings...

Time line events
      I'm drawn to small threaded markings and the timeline. The thing I find fascinating about change as we experience it, is that we experience it often when we reflect, compare and contrast moments, not as it is actually happening. We tend not to live in the moment and in fact, as we become aware of each moment, it passes into the past. To a degree, we need that ability to look back in order to "see" change.
     The cave art and primitive markings definitely appeal to me and I've been making a bunch of stamps recently with each bisque firing.
Underglaze City.
      Fortunately, I'm confident my addiction to bisque work is waning since I've begun under-glazing my stampings and markings. Kinda like putting underwear on first, I put the underglaze on first :)

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