Friday, April 22, 2011

Animal Farm: Diva and the Cone of Shame

"I thought you loved me?"
It was inevitable. All dogs have OCD when it comes to licking stitches and Diva is no exception. So off to the vet I went, yesterday, on a quest for a Cone of Shame. She looks pathetic and she knows it, that's the saddest part. I was discussing her injury with my friend, Sandy, yesterday. She suggested that Diva may have actually gotten kicked by one of the horses and not run over at all considering the lack of road injuries, cuts, scratches and the like. And in thinking about it and discussing it with the husband, we're inclined to accept that explanation. She may have gotten trapped in a stall with one of my horses and in the process of trying to get out, got kicked, cracked the bone and then tried to squeeze out through the gate, displacing the bone. Possible. But the reality is we'll never know. What I do know is I need to protect my $1,000 investment and she better stop licking her damn scar.
     I have sold more items from Etsy and this pleases me and my new credit card bill. I have more items to add in the coming weeks.

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