Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tea Horse Studio

Three Wishes aka Tee
Spring is sproinging around here, finally. Tee is losing his winter coat, most of it on me, I have to admit. The redbuds are out and even their leaves are replacing their purply-pink buds. The hillsides are taking on that pale green-yellow hue that is lightly layered over the brown of the trunks in the distance. I've begun to feel like I've always got a tick crawling on me after I've taken my walk in the woods. Yes, Spring is here. Time to get my pea plants and bean plants in the ground and out of the flats where I started them.
     My mother says she prefers living in a place where you get four distinct seasons. I have to agree, if only because you get such different discoveries in nature each season. New plants and fungus in the Spring, vines and thick growth in Summer, gorgeous colors in the Fall and the bare bones of nature in the Winter. And after a cold Winter with frost, ice and snow, things move and shift, trees fall, rocks crack open, ground slides and a whole new world can be awaiting you come Spring. Just bring tick spray and ivy block.
     Due to the heavy rain lately, I've found some creek banks that are pure clay. I may have to make a side project of digging it up and experimenting with it to see what I've got. Maybe it's the next great glaze or clay body. Well, I think I'll have to add something to make it a workable clay body but it'll be fun trying (she said in ignorance).
     Sales building slowly. I have a demonstration at the end of the month at the Mountain Mushroom Festival in town. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

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