Monday, April 11, 2011

Progress Report

Tiny Monster; 2011; Mixed media

This is a new tiny piece of work in gourd and metal. I have a things for slits. I love this little thing. Tiny Monster is what I call it and it looks like it's getting ready for a fight.

And this is a sample of one of the teapots I've carved. I am planning on hooking up my kiln this month so I can bisque these in the future. I need to do it here in the studio for several reasons, not least of which is that transporting items all the way to EKU for bisque firing that are this appendage-y is pushing the limit on assuring damage before it gets to Richmond. Glazing? Haven't got a clue. Make more, make more.

And guess what!? It's Morel Mushroom season in Estill County! Found this one in the county today! I found one - ONE - once on my property 12 years ago and haven't seen one since then until today. My property is not conducive to morel growth I am told. Boo hiss.

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